Friday, February 18, 2011

New blog

I decided to move my blogging activities over to tmblr

Please follow me there, or on twitter where I'll be sharing my posts. Thanks for all the support so far! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In a battle between me and my cravings, who wins?

I DO! That's who.

Well, at least I'm working on it..

It's been a challenging 2 weeks for me on this weight loss journey. I've been tempted by chocolate, and I gave in a few times. Last Thursday at the scale, I registered a 0.6 gain. I didn't beat myself too much about it because I knew what I had done the previous week: one stressful night where I drank too much wine and went for the chocolate, and another few nights where I snacked on chocolate right before going to bed.

The good news is: I tracked everything.

The bad news is that I've been giving in to these cravings way too often. Am I self-sabotaging? Why is it harder for me to resist these things now than it was before? How am I going to continue to lose weight if I keep on doing this? What's the deal with my night-time snacking anyway?
These are all questions that I'm trying to answer right now.

Friday night I thought of throwing away all the chocolate that's in my house. There are some leftover Halloween candy, as well as some Brazilian chocolate I brought with me on my last trip.  I decided against it. Instead, I put it all out in a bowl on the living room and had some. I also allowed my kids to have some, in hopes that the numbers would decrease.

Then Saturday morning I did some thinking during Zumba (for some reason I do great thinking while I'm exercising...). I came home and wrote messages to myself on bright orange index cards. There is one on my refrigerator door, at eye level that says: "Are you really hungry right now? or just bored/anxious? Brush your teeth, drink water, chew gum..."

There is another on the bathroom mirror that says "You are beautiful and strong"

There is another on my scale that says, "You can do this! Don't self-sabotage! You deserve it!"

And finally, the one by the chocolate bowl that says: "Who's stronger, You or Chocolate?"

I haven't touched the chocolate since. The cards are really helping me. I've been more mindful about my nighttime snacking. I will do my best to continue these positive behaviors.