Thursday, October 28, 2010


After a week of staying on plan and fully following my exercise program, the WW scale has graced me with the good news that I lost another 2.6lbs. The new thing I did this week is that I've added 15 minutes of yoga to my morning routine. That PiYo class (Pilates & Yoga) I take on thursdays has inspired me to work on my posture, core control, and balance.
I always feel fantastic after my PiYo workout. I feel elongated, taller, and my back feels naturally straight. I also love the fact that it's fast. I don't have to hold the poses for very long because we keep moving onto other poses. This truly was a great idea.
The funny thing is that tonight, after the class was done, I mistakenly took somebody else's yoga mat with me! When I went back to look for mine it was gone, so I'm hoping that person will come back next week with my mat and we can exchange. I feel like this might have made a good "Seinfield" or "Curb your enthusiasm" episode.

Anyway, today I set my goal on WW (officially). I've had this goal since I started and it hasn't changed: 137. That means a total loss of 85 lbs.

137 because it's the highest threshold for a healthy BMI for my height, and because it's around the weight I was in college, before I got pregnant. I figure when I get there, I'll have erased a decade of being obese. My son is 9 years old now, and after his pregnancy I was at 185. The weight crept up from there and increased with my daughter's pregnancy.

Right now I'm almost at the weight I was immediately post delivery. Once I start going down past that, it will be like losing the "pregnancy weight" ..... hehehe... only almost 10 years later!!!

Better late than never!

Original weight: 222lbs
Current weight: 187.2lbs
Pounds lost: 34.8lbs

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hello, 180s! It's been a while..

Today I had my weigh in and I made it just below 190 with a weight of 189.8! :) this is very exciting, and it validates my efforts this week.
Last week I was disappointed I had only lost 0.4lbs, but I knew exactly what I'd done differently that week: I had lightened up my breakfast and skimped on the mid day snacks. This had given me more points at night, which I used to get more snacks in.

Turns out those extra snacks at night were not my friend, so I went back to a more substantial breakfast with higher point snacks (greek yogurt in the afternoon really helps). I also drank lots of water and kept up my exercise program.

Even with a major french food (fattening) eating event on saturday night, I was able to come down 2.2 lbs.
My suspicions about my change in habits being the culprit are confirmed and I am not resolved to continue my program as I have this week.

I'll be saying hello to the 170s soon.

Original weight: 222lbs
Current weight: 189.8lbs
Pounds lost: 32.2lbs

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Non-scale victories

Well, this is a big one: I had a cholesterol/glucose screening today and all my numbers are within healthy levels! I'm so excited my weight loss program is proving effective on every front!

Last week I was a bit disappointed with my 0.4 loss, but I'm focusing on the positive: I've lost inches, my cholesterol numbers went down, and I feel greater than I have in years. 

The rest of the weight will drop off eventually.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

0.4,,,, I'll take it!

So the scale at my Weight Watchers meeting showed me down 0.4lbs compared to last week.
This after me obsessing about the discrepancies between my WW home scale and the Wii fit plus. I was disapointed I didn't lose more. But it did round up the 30 lbs lost (20 in WW). I got another 5lb sticker! I'm also 1 lb away from making my 10% in WW, so maybe next week?

What happened this week? I wonder if it was something I changed in my routine that didn't allow me to burn as many calories as the previous week. The two things I noticed is that my breakfasts have been lighter, and I've been having more veggies/fruits as snacks instead of yogurt. Intuitively, this would mean less calories, right?
But then this also makes my points lower, and I end up having more slack at night for snacks. Maybe it's those evening snacks!

This week I'm going to try to go back to my previous routine. We'll see what happens.

Original weight: 222lbs
Current weight: 192lbs
Pounds lost: 30lbs

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Conflicting scale stories... really a symptom of somehting else

Since my second blog post, "To Weigh or not to Weigh" I've decided that weighing myself every day is effective for me.
It helps me keep on top of my daily progress, and makes me accountable for making better choices.

Usually this ritual involves me waking up, brushing my teeth and hair, getting dressed, starting coffee, and turning on my wii fit plus. I like to weigh myself there because it keeps track on a neat little graph, and it tells me whether I've gone up or down from the last time I weighed myself. If I do it everyday at the same time, the likelihood of variations being minimal is high.

Since I started tracking, I usually go down. I sometimes see a spike up, and those are a due to weird circumstances like after flying on an airplane, or on the days before my period. Then they go down again.

It's such a wonderful feeling to see today's BMI show a lower number than yesterday, and then switch to "weight" to see the negative number! Also, when the Wii lady says "That's Obese", it gives me hope that someday she'll say "That's Overweight!" and then when I get under that... I wonder what she says?

Nevertheless, this week has been a bit weird...

You see, I also bought a WW Scale that measures body fat. So naturally I weigh myself on that one too right after or before the Wii fit plus scale. I'm not interested in the number itself. The official number is what I get at the weigh in at the WW meeting. What I'm interested in are the fluctuations from day to day.

This week, my WW scale has stubornly stuck itself on  191.2. Wii fit plus has been going down, then up. No day has said 0 difference. How can that be??? I'm so confused.

The truth is that I'm afraid this week might not show as much of a loss as I wanted. I've been maintaining my workout routine, eating more fruits/veggies... I guess some weeks are just a bit harder than others.

Regardless, I'm in this for the long haul, so whatever the WW scale may show me tomorrow, I'm still feeling better than I have in years!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Despite the blondie, I still lost 2lbs!

Sometimes I wonder if the scale at WW is set to show a lower number than other scales.... I admit, I have been obsessing about my daily weight. I feel it's the only way for me to know whether what I'm doing is working or not. Besides, I bought this awesome WW scale that tells you your % of body fat, BMI, Water % and bone density! How cool is that???

I just love seeing my % of body fat decreasing ever so slowly over time. I started at 44% and now I'm in the 38%s. This means all the muscle work I've been doing is paying off. On Wednesday I spent 90 minutes in classes at the gym:
45 minutes in "sculpting" which was excruciatingly hard.
15 minutes in "six pack attack" ... do we need 15 minutes to work on abs? If we have my abs, we do.
30 minutes of aerobics.

(I really felt my arms the next day. Maybe one day I'll have Madonna arms!!! :) )

I also went swimming yesterday, which always feels amazing.

Tonight? I'm trying a Bosu Sculpt workout class.

I'm so happy I'm doing this for myself! Nothing beats the feeling of finally conquering something that seemed un-conquerable, not even the taste of yummy bad-for-me foods.

So last night at WW, the scale showed me 2lbs lighter. I'm 0.4lbs away from having lost 30lbs, and it  feels like I just started my weight loss program 1 month ago (it's really been 10 weeks).

Size 14, here I come!

Original weight: 222lbs
Current weight: 192.4lbs
Pounds lost: 29.6lbs

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rude awakening - the points in eating out

So last night my friend and I went out to dinner at Applebee's. I wanted to go there because I knew they had WW menu options (I love the steak portobello).
All was going well until my friend said she wanted to order the "Maple Butter Blondie" as dessert, and that she wanted me to share it with her.

What should I have done? In hindsight, I should have said no, or convinced her to order one of the dessert shooters (the tiny ones that cost less).

Instead, I said it would be fine, and decided, since I had been good all day, that I could eat half and use some of my everyday points. I thought, how bad can this be??? Well... the dessert was delicious. There was a hot buttery sauce over icecream, pecans, and a cake.

When I got home I pulled up the Applebee's Nutritional Info to calculate my points. As I scrolled down  to find this decadent dessert, I was surprised as my eyes glanced over some of the callorie counts over some of the other menu items,(Crispy Orange chicken =2030, Quesadilla burger = 1420, Oriental chicken salad =1310...), and realized when i found the Maple butter blondie, it would not be good.

Are you ready for this? The Maple butter blondie had 52 grams of fat and 990 calories!!!! That's 23 points! I knew it would be bad, but I was not ready for just how bad it turned out to be.

Time to go burn half of it out in Zumba!!!