Friday, October 8, 2010

Despite the blondie, I still lost 2lbs!

Sometimes I wonder if the scale at WW is set to show a lower number than other scales.... I admit, I have been obsessing about my daily weight. I feel it's the only way for me to know whether what I'm doing is working or not. Besides, I bought this awesome WW scale that tells you your % of body fat, BMI, Water % and bone density! How cool is that???

I just love seeing my % of body fat decreasing ever so slowly over time. I started at 44% and now I'm in the 38%s. This means all the muscle work I've been doing is paying off. On Wednesday I spent 90 minutes in classes at the gym:
45 minutes in "sculpting" which was excruciatingly hard.
15 minutes in "six pack attack" ... do we need 15 minutes to work on abs? If we have my abs, we do.
30 minutes of aerobics.

(I really felt my arms the next day. Maybe one day I'll have Madonna arms!!! :) )

I also went swimming yesterday, which always feels amazing.

Tonight? I'm trying a Bosu Sculpt workout class.

I'm so happy I'm doing this for myself! Nothing beats the feeling of finally conquering something that seemed un-conquerable, not even the taste of yummy bad-for-me foods.

So last night at WW, the scale showed me 2lbs lighter. I'm 0.4lbs away from having lost 30lbs, and it  feels like I just started my weight loss program 1 month ago (it's really been 10 weeks).

Size 14, here I come!

Original weight: 222lbs
Current weight: 192.4lbs
Pounds lost: 29.6lbs

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