Thursday, October 14, 2010

0.4,,,, I'll take it!

So the scale at my Weight Watchers meeting showed me down 0.4lbs compared to last week.
This after me obsessing about the discrepancies between my WW home scale and the Wii fit plus. I was disapointed I didn't lose more. But it did round up the 30 lbs lost (20 in WW). I got another 5lb sticker! I'm also 1 lb away from making my 10% in WW, so maybe next week?

What happened this week? I wonder if it was something I changed in my routine that didn't allow me to burn as many calories as the previous week. The two things I noticed is that my breakfasts have been lighter, and I've been having more veggies/fruits as snacks instead of yogurt. Intuitively, this would mean less calories, right?
But then this also makes my points lower, and I end up having more slack at night for snacks. Maybe it's those evening snacks!

This week I'm going to try to go back to my previous routine. We'll see what happens.

Original weight: 222lbs
Current weight: 192lbs
Pounds lost: 30lbs

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