Thursday, October 28, 2010


After a week of staying on plan and fully following my exercise program, the WW scale has graced me with the good news that I lost another 2.6lbs. The new thing I did this week is that I've added 15 minutes of yoga to my morning routine. That PiYo class (Pilates & Yoga) I take on thursdays has inspired me to work on my posture, core control, and balance.
I always feel fantastic after my PiYo workout. I feel elongated, taller, and my back feels naturally straight. I also love the fact that it's fast. I don't have to hold the poses for very long because we keep moving onto other poses. This truly was a great idea.
The funny thing is that tonight, after the class was done, I mistakenly took somebody else's yoga mat with me! When I went back to look for mine it was gone, so I'm hoping that person will come back next week with my mat and we can exchange. I feel like this might have made a good "Seinfield" or "Curb your enthusiasm" episode.

Anyway, today I set my goal on WW (officially). I've had this goal since I started and it hasn't changed: 137. That means a total loss of 85 lbs.

137 because it's the highest threshold for a healthy BMI for my height, and because it's around the weight I was in college, before I got pregnant. I figure when I get there, I'll have erased a decade of being obese. My son is 9 years old now, and after his pregnancy I was at 185. The weight crept up from there and increased with my daughter's pregnancy.

Right now I'm almost at the weight I was immediately post delivery. Once I start going down past that, it will be like losing the "pregnancy weight" ..... hehehe... only almost 10 years later!!!

Better late than never!

Original weight: 222lbs
Current weight: 187.2lbs
Pounds lost: 34.8lbs

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