Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is my weight loss is too fast?

I was happy to have lost another 2.2 lbs at my weekly weigh in this week. When I got home to log it into the Weight Watchers etools weight tracker, it told me I was losing too fast. It says my average weekly weightloss has been of 2.1 lbs a week, and that the average should stay under 2 lbs otherwise it could be risky to my health.

I'm actually ecstatic it has been coming off at this pace, and it would be awesome if it continues in the same speed, but I'm realistic, and know that at some point I will reach a plateau and it will slow down.

Also, shouldn't the first however many pounds come off faster when you have a lot to lose, as opposed to someone who's only 10 to 20 pounds overweight? I started at 85 above my goal weight, after all.

The etools site also told me to slow down my weightloss. How in the world would I do that??? I've been exercising everyday and eating my points!

Oh well... I really think this is a non-issue and will continue doing what I've been doing. So far, my body has been rewarding me for my efforts and I am committed to rewarding it with more healthy living.

Original weight: 222lbs
Current weight: 185lbs
Pounds lost: 37lbs

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  1. Fê!!! vc está mandando muito bem, estamos impressionados!!! muitos beijos, papi e rê