Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hello, 180s! It's been a while..

Today I had my weigh in and I made it just below 190 with a weight of 189.8! :) this is very exciting, and it validates my efforts this week.
Last week I was disappointed I had only lost 0.4lbs, but I knew exactly what I'd done differently that week: I had lightened up my breakfast and skimped on the mid day snacks. This had given me more points at night, which I used to get more snacks in.

Turns out those extra snacks at night were not my friend, so I went back to a more substantial breakfast with higher point snacks (greek yogurt in the afternoon really helps). I also drank lots of water and kept up my exercise program.

Even with a major french food (fattening) eating event on saturday night, I was able to come down 2.2 lbs.
My suspicions about my change in habits being the culprit are confirmed and I am not resolved to continue my program as I have this week.

I'll be saying hello to the 170s soon.

Original weight: 222lbs
Current weight: 189.8lbs
Pounds lost: 32.2lbs

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