Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Conflicting scale stories... really a symptom of somehting else

Since my second blog post, "To Weigh or not to Weigh" I've decided that weighing myself every day is effective for me.
It helps me keep on top of my daily progress, and makes me accountable for making better choices.

Usually this ritual involves me waking up, brushing my teeth and hair, getting dressed, starting coffee, and turning on my wii fit plus. I like to weigh myself there because it keeps track on a neat little graph, and it tells me whether I've gone up or down from the last time I weighed myself. If I do it everyday at the same time, the likelihood of variations being minimal is high.

Since I started tracking, I usually go down. I sometimes see a spike up, and those are a due to weird circumstances like after flying on an airplane, or on the days before my period. Then they go down again.

It's such a wonderful feeling to see today's BMI show a lower number than yesterday, and then switch to "weight" to see the negative number! Also, when the Wii lady says "That's Obese", it gives me hope that someday she'll say "That's Overweight!" and then when I get under that... I wonder what she says?

Nevertheless, this week has been a bit weird...

You see, I also bought a WW Scale that measures body fat. So naturally I weigh myself on that one too right after or before the Wii fit plus scale. I'm not interested in the number itself. The official number is what I get at the weigh in at the WW meeting. What I'm interested in are the fluctuations from day to day.

This week, my WW scale has stubornly stuck itself on  191.2. Wii fit plus has been going down, then up. No day has said 0 difference. How can that be??? I'm so confused.

The truth is that I'm afraid this week might not show as much of a loss as I wanted. I've been maintaining my workout routine, eating more fruits/veggies... I guess some weeks are just a bit harder than others.

Regardless, I'm in this for the long haul, so whatever the WW scale may show me tomorrow, I'm still feeling better than I have in years!

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