Friday, January 21, 2011

Following up on current goals

If there's anything I've learned about being successful in my corporate retail job, it's the power of following up.
Here I am, applying my accountability skills to my health goals:
I set these goals 10 days ago, here:
1) Get back to 176 by Thursday by drinking lots of water and trying to stay within my points. Accomplished!
2) Get down to 170 in 6 weeks, on the 2/24 weigh in. I will do that by practicing the two things above, and also by exercising regularly. In Progress
3) Improve flexibility on my right hip. This is because my right hip is very inflexble in yoga, and I feel it's holding me back and preventing me from doing some of the poses. I will do this by continuing to practice yoga and by challenging myself when stretching. I found this amazing Yoga lady on youtube, and started practicing some of her videos. One of which immediately started helping me open up my hips.... AMAZING.
4) Spend an entire week without eating chocolate, starting now. Almost... this was written on a tuesday. Sunday I had some chocolate. Will continue to try every day.
5) Get more sleep: I was sleep deprived last week and I felt overly tired and craving chocolate. In Progress (and it's working!)
6) Tighten my abs by continuing to practice Yoga, PiYo, and crunches. In Progress
7) Continue to track everything I eat YES
8) Continue to measure and have portion control. YOU BET!

Original weight: 222lbs
Current weight: 174.8lbs
Pounds lost: 47.2lbs 

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  1. I was sleep deprived for so long. But then I realized that even though I stayed up past 11pm doing work, no work was actually being done. Just the lame attempt to stay awake. I'm in bed by 11:30 nowadays. It's working out real good. ;)

    I love Yoga, too!