Thursday, August 12, 2010

Week 1 of WW - Done!

So I got weighed officially this week at my WW meeting. Obsessing about my ups and downs on the scale everyday did not help me at all.

Appropriately enough, the meeting was about being flexible with our goals and not obsessing about every little thing in the program! I took it to heart, although I have to admit I'm not ready to let go of my discipline yet. It's always been my biggest problem: being too laid back and not having mental discipline to develop and maintain good habits. It's taken a lot of mental energy to get to where I'm at today: a functioning adult who's able to keep her house (mostly) clean, and keep all the kids' affairs in order.
I need the mental discipline to plan my meals, track my points, and find time to exercise.

Don't they say it takes 2 weeks to implement a new habit? Or was it 4 weeks? It might take me longer than that until the point thing becomes second nature and I'm not so rigid with my food choices.

My weight loss this week wasn't as high as I had hoped: 1.4 lbs. At least I didn't gain after all my trips to the gym and staying just under my daily point allowance every day without using the extra 35.

Regardless of what the number says, though, I feel great! Better than I had in a long time. I feel slimmer, and my clothes are fitting a bit looser. Even my bra this morning could close at a closer hook position than usual!

Here's to hoping I'll drop more by next weeks' weigh in.

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