Monday, December 6, 2010

Size 12, Hello 170s!

Today is kind of a special day for me in this weight loss journey because I am currenlty wearing a pair of size 12 jeans that fit me without being too tight! On top of that, my scale graced me with a 179.8 this morning. This made me feel happy and hopeful that I won't be seeing the 180s again. These most recently lost 10lbs were a bit stubborn, and took a bit longer to burn through. Hopefully they'll let go completely and the 170s won't be as stubborn.

I've been doing the new PointsPlus plan for a week now, and It's been a bit different. I can't say I've found my groove yet, but the 0 point fruits have been nice. It's also harder with the winter weather. I feel it makes me want to eat more "comfort" foods like bread or baked goods.

I've also been back on the grind, working out everyday. The highlight of the past week is that I took a muscle sculpting class with my zumba teacher Gloria. She was substituting for the usual bosu sculpt teacher. Gloria's workout was short but very effective, because my arms were sore for the next 2 days.

Boring blog post, but just thought I'd share my mini milestone. 

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