Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back on Track - new challenges

Thanks to my light eating, exercising and drinking tons of water, my Wii Fit plus showed me back where I was on Friday again. Now it's a matter of 25.5 hrs to see what my weigh in will say. And that is enough obsessing about a number on the scale for this week.

Yesterday I went to Zumba class after having missed the last 3 classes and it felt amazing. Zumba has truly become the best aerobic exercise for me. It's so much fun, and I hardly notice 1 hour passing. I'm too busy keeping up with the steps!!!

Also, I wore my heart rate monitor watch for the 2nd time on that class, and this time I burned 494 calories in 1 hour (last time it marked 534calories). This is great! If I had zumba 7 days a week I'd be burning off 1 lb a week (3500 = 1lb). Sadly, Zumba is  not offered 5 days a week at my gym, so on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I end up doing elliptical and weights. I have heard Turbo Kick is good, so I'll try that someday. Does anyone have recommendations for good cardio classes?

Another challenge I've been faced with recently is how to adjust my planned meals and snacks down by 1 point. As you may know, when you lose weight and go down to the next lowest 10 pound threshold, WW recalcs your points and you usually end up going down a point.

When you start, part of the big change is eating within your points, but what happens when your points keep shrinking? I'm down to 25 now, and starting to face the challenge of minimizing the "pointage" on my snacks. Usually my snacks are 2 points, but that eats up my points for the day very quickly due to the fact that lunch and dinner are about 6 to 7 points each, and breakfast is about 5. Without snacks, that's 18 points. This means I either take my snacks down, or take my main meals down. What do you think I should do?

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