Monday, September 20, 2010

Being Sick Sucks!

So my last post was about my lack of energy. Guess what? It turns out I really was sick. I had a cold that lingered all week long. Thursday I took a sick day from work and spent all day horizontal.
I had been so happy that evening, when I went to my WW meeting and weighed in at 199lbs! I had finally made it below 200. My plan was to take a picture of the scale at the gym, with the little weight thing sliding down to the 150 mark (of course the other one would be at the 49 lb mark, but whatever... ) The problem is that there were several factors dampening the progress:
1) I was sick
2) I had not been able to work out all week due to # 1.
3) I went on a weekend trip from Friday night to Sunday night where I ate out more than I should.

On point # 3, it's so hard to stay on plan when you're out on a trip. Even if you try to make good choices, it's still not the same as cooking low fat meals at home.

This morning I was rudely reminded of the consequences of eating too much and not working out when I weighed myself on the Wii Fit Plus (I decided to use that as a gage for my daily progress because it shows the difference from the last time I weighed in). It told me I was UP 4lbs from Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That means if my weigh in was today, I'd be at 203. Yikes! How do you recover from that? I was so hopeful that I had left the 200s for good, but I have a little bit of damage control to do in order to make that happen.

It's ok, though. I'll get back on track: I'll go to the gym tonight, since I'm feeling better, and I'm back on my low points routine.

It will all work out.

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