Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feeling Great - keep leaving me, pounds!

Last night I felt sore all over! The GOOD kind of sore: Abs tight and slightly aching, legs hurting a bit as I went up the stairs, upper back and triceps making themselves known every now and then...  It turns out this class I took Monday night did the trick: "Power Hour" (or more like "Power 45 minutes"!).

The teacher is new to the gym and she seems to be from a slavic country (judging from ther accent). The class consists in a series of rotation exercises, some cardio and some weights. She had us spend 1:30m in each exercise, and during the last 30 seconds she'd have us speed it up. Then it was time to move onto the next one. During the class I got tired and kind of breathless a few times (jumping rope, anyone?).

I also was very much challenged by the push-ups on the ball, and the steps on the bosu ball. After 11 different stations (there were 11 of us), she had us pair up and do some squats while squeezing the big ball and throwing it to each other. To top it all off, she had us finish with a tough partner ab exercise where I had to lift my legs from the ground, while my partner pushed them down! A few weren't bad, but try doing it for a minute and a half! That was killer!!

One of her tricks is during the final count-down of every exercise, the teacher would go "5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1"! Nice...

During the class I felt challenged and wasn't sure whether I was liking it or not. The next evening I felt "the good kind of sore" I mentioned above, and now I'm convinced I have to take this class again. After all, "change is the right combination of discomfort and hope" :) 

Happy exercising!

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